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Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram- #recyourself, @RECfitnessco

Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram- #recyourself, @RECfitnessco

Welcome to REC Fitness!

REC Fitness Clothing is a company created by people who are passionate about physical fitness and constantly challenging and improving ourselves. Our company will create quality fitness clothing, workout gear and lifestyle apparel that showcases our determination and drive. 

REC Fitness Clothing came from the belief that athletic potential exists in every one of us. Our workout apparel, lifestyle and fitness clothing represents the attitude that anyone can rise to whatever challenge they face.  From sweating it out at the gym to going out on the town, our clothing is quality fitness apparel created to make you look and feel confident. 

REC Fitness does designs!  Check out some of our previous clients and reach out to us through our Contact form or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram if we can do a design for you or you're interested in co-branding!


Upcoming Events

Be sure to check us out at these upcoming events:

    • CF BrickYard's BrickYard BRAWL
    • January 7, 2017
    • 85B Nutmeg Rd. South Windsor, CT 06074
    • Verti-GLO Mountain Obstacle RACE
    • May 2017
    • Mt. Southington Ski Resort

Pre-order items:

from 25.00

The original RISE design has arrived!

The back reads: Prove yourself equal to the challenge (definition)

The material is a cotton blend and the fit is athletic, unisex style

This shirt goes perfectly as a workout shirt or a wear out shirt, you will love the fit!

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 The "RISE" design is currently in production, coming December 2016!

Please use the feedback form on this site or hit us up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @RECfitnessco, #recyourself!!


You’ll never rise any higher than the way you see yourself.
— Joel Osteen